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The Stepping Stones to Progress

“Your portfolio is impressive. Are you free after 10 minutes? The CEO of the organization wants to speak to you.” It’s really thrilling when you get a phone call after the final interview and the HR Manager tells you this.

So as the fable goes; I was selected at Climbax in the animation division. After the initial ice breaker and briefing session, I interacted with the team. It was fun to be around like minded people, serious about work. Where everyone is striving hard to achieve the best for the team. My workspace is actually fun to be at…I have no better words to describe it. As an artist I live to explore new forms and creating them. It’s a time taking process and one has to be patient. I am truly lucky to have a team which understands and accepts this fact and lets me explore things. In the initial days, I developed more interest in storyboarding and character designing, hence, I was asked to take up the pre-production part.

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Something I like about working here is that we strictly follow deadlines maintaining the quality standards. There are occasions when we stay late at night or stay overnight in the office. The office has all amenities which helps us to work anytime without any hindrance. We are encouraged to learn new technologies and explore new styles.

Working with a passionate group of artists always motivates you to create something viable and new. We, especially I, spend a lot of time analyzing trends and my team understands that, and simply gives me my space.

For an artist who loves to create new experiences, Climbax is a lovely place to work and grow.