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Climbax is described as a group of animation and visual effects experts with decades of expertise working on difficult project managers for clients all over the world. Visual effects (VFX) have become more significant than it has ever been since it stands at the vanguard of this vibrant and visually engaging arena. Climbax is a full-service SFX, animation, and digital studio that offers a wide range of services, including world-class motion graphics and visual effects, digital matte painting, motion detection, clean-up, and much more. Climbax provides expert VFX and blending services tailored to the needs of our international clients. VFX and compositing have aided companies in enticing, engaging, and reaching their potential customers in previously unimaginable ways.

What We Offer

Prominent Animation Services


Beautifully crafted 2D animated videos using the most advanced software.


Amazing lifelike 3D animations that will make your jaw drop.


A smart amalgamation of sets and hand-made characters to tell your story in the most amazing way.


Creatively depicted walkthroughs for any industry like architecture, real estate, gaming and the like.

Various Offerings


We are experienced in TV commercial production, whether it is a modest budget production or a large-scale production. In today's world, the power of TVC, or television commercial ads, is unrivalled. Never before have TV commercials had such an impact on buyers' minds as they do now. We offer complete production services. We can supply you with the best TVC commercial ads that can take your brand to the next level thanks to our creative team and cutting-edge technology. Climbax is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible production value; we attempt to get the most out of every project while staying within your budget.

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game dev


At a reasonable cost, Gaming Service allows you to create basic game services such as achievements, rankings, and saved games. We improve various game testing, management, and also release efficiency, as well as user attraction, with different ongoing optimization that ideally based on game data analysis as well.


We'll take your idea and turn it into a finished video. Corporate films, or corporate videos ideally have become an indispensable tool for different image building very well. Alternatively, you can give us your brief and we'll make the movie and storyboard for you. Imagine what a corporate video production business could accomplish for you with audio to spread your message, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

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We understand that 2D and 3D animation videos have the ability to give your business a human touch. Our Animation Video Production services are designed to educate and market your business while also educating your target demographic and existing customers. Promotion of animated videos is a continuous activity and marketing strategy that extends beyond simply posting an explainer video on your website.

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