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“Why shouldn’t people be able to teleport wherever they want?”

Founder of Oculus VR

‘Come on Mike, this is much easier than what we did in our stupid labs down there’,

said the astronaut, repairing the Hubble Space Telescope from outside his space shuttle, floating weightlessly 560 kilometers over the beautiful blue planet in the empty dark space. This is how astronauts are taught to take their first step in the space.

‘Back off. . .Back off everyone. . . Enemy at five thirty. . .Going for kill’,

cried a soldier as he takes down a few terrorists, in the complex streets of Istanbul. Real blood shots, scary guns, ricocheting bullets zoom pass through his ears. ‘Phew!’ says the 12-year kid as he takes down his headgear in the games section of the Amusement Park.

From teaching doctors to perform a critical heart surgery to defeating the best chess player on the planet, Virtual Reality has changed the way mankind sees the world. The old grandma sitting in her rocking chair inside her house, now tours the canals of beautiful Venice and feels the water touching her feet at a sandy beach in Goa.

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Virtual Reality has brought the thoughts and desires of the people to virtually experiencing of what they only dreamt. From what started as a mere flight simulator technology, who had guessed that by the turn of the century, kids would fight a bloody war and kill bad-boys on the streets of Manhattan simply by putting on a piece of glasses and handling a toy gun!

Indeed, the technology is cool and here to stay for many more years unless the robots take charge of babysitting a naughty toddler. That is: NEVER! Virtual Reality is in fact the next big thing after computers.

And we at Climbax Entertainment are nothing short of providing our clients with some ultra-exciting roller coaster rides or rendering a virtual 3D model to your architecture.

Put the head gear on, and enter the world of Virtual Gaming, that might help you kill few zombies or heighten your experience of jumping from an ascending helicopter like CJ does in San Andreas itself around your eyes! Possibilities are endless.

Experience hair raising thrills through the new 360 videos is the ‘being there, doing that’ phenomenon. Tell us how you want your visitors to get the idea of your huge complex, be it a large amusement park or a wide college campus, our 3D Virtual Tours could model the architecture like a hawk hovering above the place and grasping every tiny detail of the area and rendering it on screens or through a piece of eyeglasses.

Using virtual brushes and pencils, a designer could design clothes and try colors on them while a family could see how their new house is going to look like!

Using Artificial Reality, Climbax Entertainment aims at opening new gates in field of Education and changing the ways students learn in the class. Handling them the swords and making them fight against a virtual Afghan army in the Battlefield of Panipat could teach them the lessons of History in a way that they would never forget. Or right from the classrooms, take them to distant continents and nations that they’ll never forget visiting; forget about scoring full marks in Geography!

One deadly roller coaster ride is ready here at Climbax Entertainment. Hop on and we together shall make the impossibilities meet!