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Hola readers! We are thrilled about launching the Climbax Blog so that we are able to connect better with more and more people globally. With posts on latest trends in the industry, we will keep you informed and engaged!

Are you interested in Animation and VFX? check. Do you enjoy watching 360° Videos and out of the box TV Commercials? You’re covered. Do Virtual Tours, Virtual Reality Experiences and Games excite you? Hop on board! Or do you find your niche in technical viabilities that include Software, Mobile Application and Web Development? Well, you get the picture.

Climbax Entertainment is a one stop solution that acts as a propeller to establish our client’s name in their businesses. A team of ingenious minds, we commit to offer stand-apart media solutions in the arena of 2D/3D Animation & VFX, Films and Media, TV Commercials and software, App and Web Development.

With the ongoing frenzy around the Virtual reality boom, we pride ourselves in providing our clients a pool of varied VR Experiences, Virtual Tours, VR Gaming and 360° Videos.

With our clients’ faith in our team, we make it our utmost priority to work professionally to make them happy personally.

Here’s what you can look forward to in our blog

  • We’ll introduce you to people who make Climbax Entertainment different!
  • We’ll share with you the information about the services we provide to other businesses.
  • We plan to share our thoughts on the next big ideas that will shape our industry and the world.
  • We promise to keep posts interesting and diverse.

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Thank you for reading, visiting and being part of this conversation. We hope you’ll be a regular visitor on our blog.