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Those were the days when manufacturers wanted marketing personnel to meet the customers face to face and describe everything about the product and to clarify all the doubts asked by the customers. This process always consumed a lot of time, money and employee efforts. It is always difficult to monitor each and every employee and to familiarize with people existing in every corner of the world was impossible. Reaching the customers alone was not a difficult task but getting orders for the product from the public was also not an easy one. But still, marketing is a method which will boost the sales of a specific product. Just like in every other sector, technology has made a massive change in this sector too. Let us have a view on what a digital media is.


Technology is one thing through which anyone can easily connect with a huge number of people within a minimum time period. When all other sectors are improving their businesses with the help of technology, why not the marketing sector. Marketing can easily be done with the help of computers and other digital devices to reach a greater number of people in a limited time. Various tools such as social media, blogs, etc., can be used with the help of the internet to promote a specific product. Nowadays, internet has become so cheap and accessible. Most of the people are having internet and use the internet frequently. With marketing done digitally, the product can reach a massive number of people throughout the world.

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This marketing is done by providing various advertisements and articles which does not irritate the internet users by, completely analyzing the cache of the user’s browsers and provide advertisements according to their preferences. Digital marketing has become important and has started to have a strong online presence. Digital marketing has become essential for most of the businesses who wish to grow at a rapid speed. One of the famous surveyors AdAge discovered in a survey the following figures:

  • Around 77% of the people looking posts and updates about specific product tries to interact with the specific brand.
  • Over 56% of people said that they would recommend the brand to other people after becoming a fan of the brand on Facebook.
  • About 43% of consumers connected with internet are regular social media users.
  • Nearly 34% of digital marketers generate leads on the leading social media platform Twitter.
  • It has been noticed that over 17% of customers share news and experiences about the brand with other people.
  • About 13% of people post updates about brands that are well connected within the internet and other social media platforms.

Marketing is basically reaching a maximum number of people and familiarizing the brands to them. When there are much easier ways present to connect with so many people, then the marketing personnel can very well choose that method. With digital marketing, brands can be easily familiarized with a lot of people without much of cost, time and employee efforts.


We have seen how much technology can help in the marketing sector. With so many improvements in technology, it is very important to have a better knowledge of what and how these things can be used to improve one’s business. With digital marketing, it has become very easy for marketing personnel to familiarize brands with a lot of people in minimal time.