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Refund policy of Climbax has been drafted to find the situation under which Climbax renders a refund method for claiming a refund and Climbax’s responsibility in circumstances resulting in such a claim. You are declaring by registering any of our services that you already accept and agree with all the terms and condition outlined in the refund policy.

Coverage and Scope
All services offered and owned by Climbax are under the scope of this refund policy.
For Websites/services which are not owned, in control or managed by Climbax, the refund policy application does not hold true for the respective services/tools/companies including the 3rd party service and product even by contract and also, any third party websites which provide a hyperlink/reference to any Climbax website or any its subsidiaries/units.

Complaint Response
At Climbax, we have always believed in going out of the way to assist our clients in every way possible. All requirements are gathered and processed with a perspective of the end product in sight. Change requests cannot be a reason to hold Climbax responsible for delay in the project and cannot be held as a basis for refund. Climbax holds any right to refuse reply to demands of refunds in case of issues arising due to the above.

A mutually acceptable solution is the final aim of Climbax. The Climbax Team will always thrive to help you as much as possible and guide you to the best solution. Still, in case a request for refund is eminent please see the section below for eligibility. Please also note, any government tax is not refundable.

Eligibility for Refund
Full Refund: If the project has not been started or the initial design has not been approved. It will take 180 days to refund the full amount after the receipt of advance payment.
Partial Refund: As per our delivery policy if there is a failure to deliver after the approval of the initial design style or after delivery of any part/milestones of the project. The partial refund will be in proportion to the work completed. Amounting to no more than 60% of the total project cost. A total time frame of upto 180 days is required to process the refund after the approval of any such request by the Climbax team.
No refunds: If the project has been completed and uploaded on the server or if there is any change in timelines due to client change requests or delay in response from the client.

Applicability of Delivery Policy The project is not taken to be void unless the agreed upon payments are clear.
If the required information for the successful completion of the project is not given to us at proper time refund policy is not applicable.
Climbax is not liable to follow its delivery or refund commitments. If the info provided by the customers is incomplete and/or complete information regarding the project is not provided at the initiation of the project. If there are frequent changes/change requests from the client, even after finalization of the project/designs/document, Climbax cannot be held responsible for refunds/delay for the project.
There is no provision for compensation for the delay of delivery under any conditions, until and unless there is an agreement signed with a penalty clause for delay in delivery.
If the project has been completed and uploaded on the server or if there is any change in timelines due to client change requests or delay in response from the client.