Most of us love to observe things. Some things look beautiful while some does not look so appealing. Liking or disliking a thing depends on the perception of each person. Some things may exist, while some things may not exist in reality but stay as imagination in people’s mind. In simple terms, we can just say that things which are seen by eyes or things which are considered as myths can be known as Reality. Some television programs are specially made without any scripts to attract the customers with on spot action, these shows are also known as reality shows among people. Some philosophers may view reality as the relationship between mind and reality, while scientists consider evidence, tests, experiments to be certain on the view of reality.


Realities are not so satisfying for most people. Everyone likes to imagine things that they desire, and sometimes those things are beyond their reach. Reality cannot offer the impossible. When people are given an option to view and interact with the impossible things, they certainly become more satisfied and happier. With immense technologies and massive development in the Information Technology (IT) sector, it is easy to present people with all the things that are impossible. This caused the rise of brilliant technologies like Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR). With these technologies, people were given a chance to physically interact with all the impossible things.

Let’s have a quick glance at the different types of realities:

1. Virtual Reality: There are certain things which can only be imagined by people. Even though if these imaginations are formed as images with graphics, people still cannot have a physical interaction with them. Virtual Reality solves this problem. With the help of the computer, the images are converted into three dimensional (3D) images and it makes us feel connected to our imaginations. Also, we can physically touch and interact with these pictures by wearing electronic instruments such as a helmet with a screen for a head, and gloves for hands. These instruments are fitted with sensors which helps us to interact physically with the picture. Virtual Reality is one of the most famous and fastest growing reality.

2. Augmented Reality: The term augments basically mean enlarge, expand, increase or make better. Augmented Reality can also be referred to as a form of Virtual Reality where the information relying on the real world is enhanced through virtual elements. These elements overlap the elements relying on the real world through a visual device. Augmented Reality consists of devices such as display, sensor, processor and input devices. These devices manage Augmented Reality and serve as monitors, eyeglasses, gaming controls, displays, and even smartphones.

3. Mixed Reality: By the name of this reality itself, one can easily guess the type of reality which is being referred to here. This is a mixture of Virtual Reality and Augmented reality. This reality merges both the real world and the virtual world to provide people with a new environment where both physical and digital objects can exist and interact. This reality also has helmet instrument, headphone, sensor, processor and other devices just like other reality technologies.


Once again technology has proved us why they are most required by the people and why they are most friendly to everyone. In this 21st century, with these Reality technologies, one can easily interact with whatever thing he/she wants to interact with. A thing need not have to be an existing one, technology helps to even interact with non-existing things. Virtual Reality, Augmented reality and Mixed Reality are indeed required by the world.